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The Compelling Community


Brothers and Sisters, The cut-off date for registering for the Ministry Retreat is within a week. If you haven't yet reserved your spot, see the section below. The calendar has turned to March. This month, let's particularly pray for Parker's Cove Baptist Church (Colin McMahon) and Living Water Baptist (Jeremy Head). March also means a Supercluster in Truro (Crossroads Bap...

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Living as an Outsider


Brothers and Sisters, Our recent (Sackville) cluster discussion led us to talk about bold church ministry in these days. Steve Adams referred to an article he had appreciated, and he made some very important points. Pastors, if you want to know what they were, you'll have to ask someone who was there (I am trying to 'salt the oats' so you'll attend the Supercluster on Marc...

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The Preacher's Two Voices


Brothers and Sisters, Have you reserved your place at our Ministry Retreat in April? The cut-off date is coming soon. See the box below for more information. Darryl Dash wrote a Gospel Coalition Canada article on The Preacher's Two Voices. The preacher's two voices are the one he speaks with and the life he leads. It is excellent and I encourage you to read it. In the arti...

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Quietness vs. Prominence


Brothers and Sisters, Our February Clusters are scheduled for this Wednesday (in Halifax) and Thursday (in Sackville). Here are discussion questionson chapter 5 of Stronger Together. Have you reserved your place at our Ministry Retreat in April? See the box below for more information. From Ray Ortlund - Quietness vs. Prominence "I have calmed and quieted my soul." Psalm 1...

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Raising Next-Gen Leaders


Brothers and Sisters, Did you see the recent announcement about Fellowship Atlantic's hiring a new Regional Director? Praise the Lord with us, and pass the word along to others.Our February Clusters are scheduled for Feb 14 in Halifax and 15 in Sackville. Here are discussion questions on chapter 5 of "Stronger Together." I contacted Brad Somers (PaxNorth Church in Halifax)...

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Thanking God for Dreamers and Detailers


Brothers and Sisters, As I write this, I have heard that a group of people from our Great Village church is on a mission's trip to Honduras. They had some travel challenges at the beginning of their journey. Please pray for them as they seek to minister this week. Our church here in Sackville is beginning the year by studying the book of Nehemiah. This week, we are in chap...

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Friendship with Jesus

Friendship with the Friend of Sinners

Brothers and Sisters, For Christmas I received the book Friendship with the Friend of Sinners by Jared Wilson. What a delight it has been for me! Wilson says that the idea for the book began one day when he was reading Exodus 33:11: "And thus the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as one would a friend." "It gave me goosebumps," he writes, "to think about experienci...

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Helping the Weak


Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to you all! Praise the Lord we get to minister together. First Thessalonians 5:14 has been a ministry verse that has caused me to do a lot of thinking. It says, "And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all." I want to particularly focus on the "help the weak" line as it ap...

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Making the Most of Our Opportunities


Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to you all in this new year. I thank God when I think of you. One of the "things" about the end of one year and the beginning of another is book lists. I have probably read 10 lists of people's favourite books for 2023. Do you have some books you have really appreciated and been helped by? Do you have a plan for how to read good books in the...

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Resting, Rejoicing, and Responding

wreath_merry_christmas-Wide 16x9

Brothers and Sisters, This is the final Fellowship Atlantic update you will receive for 2023. Thank you to all who have read through the emails we send out each week. I hope they have been helpful to you and your church in some way. This time of year for churches is an interesting mix of two categories: "what needs to be done" and "what has already been done." On one han...

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