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The Preacher's Two Voices


Brothers and Sisters,

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Darryl Dash wrote a Gospel Coalition Canada article on The Preacher’s Two Voices. The preacher’s two voices are the one he speaks with and the life he leads. It is excellent and I encourage you to read it. In the article, you can find this quote:

"My big surprise came when I realized the hardest work a preacher must do happens within the preacher’s own heart," writes Rick Reed in his book The Heart of the Preacher. "Over time, I’ve found the most challenging part of a sustained preaching ministry is not the rigor required to exegete a text, the thinking needed to discern the main message, the skill involved in crafting a clear and compelling outline, or even the energy necessary to communicate with authentic passion. My biggest challenge is keeping my heart in good order week in and week out. Preaching is not just hard work; it’s heart work."

That’s a good word to all of us, whether we are preachers or not. Whatever our calling, may our lives truly communicate the gospel and represent the Lord we say we follow.

Have a great week!