Church Health

Church Health

The mission of Fellowship Atlantic is helping congregations accomplish the mission Jesus gave His church. When it comes to the ‘HOW’ part, we like to talk about the BIG-3! - Church Health, Church Leadership & Church Planting.

For churches to accomplish mission we must be healthy. As an association of churches, Fellowship Atlantic provides the following means for protecting and growing church health.


Doctrinal Accountability

The FA doctrinal statement anchors our churches within the mainstream of classic, historic Christian faith. This enables us to stay on mission and to work together ensuring we are ‘on the same page’. (link)



Being part of the Fellowship allows us to facilitate networking amongst our pastors and our churches for personal encouragement and practical help within our region. It also means connection with a larger church family that facilitates mission involvement on a grand scale which is essential for healthy church life and mission This is not only a great source of encouragement but also enables us to help each other stay on mission.

Pastoral Care

We have a number of pastoral care components that provide effective help for the pastors of our churches.

1/ Pastoral care is a priority in our Regional Director’s job description and our RD makes himself available to church boards for consultation on matters remuneration, benefits, sabbaticals, etc.

2/ We have monthly cluster gatherings for all of our pastors which include significant peer encouragement and counsel.

3/ We utilize mature men and retired pastors that are available to counsel and encourage younger men.

4/ We provide an annual 2-day retreat for pastoral staff that is geared for encouragement and support for pastors and their wives.

5/ We have people in our region who generously make cottages available to pastoral couples enabling the weary and worn to have times of regrouping and refreshing at little or no cost.

6/ We appreciate the resources provided by our national association in the form of Health Plan Benefits including access to the Clergy Care Network of Focus on the Family.  

Church Consultations

Church Consultations can take the form of a full church consultation process examining all the aspects of local church life and mission and then offers a vital church-wide plan that is workable for moving the church forward. Consultations can also take place on a smaller scale involving our Regional Director and/or a few key regional leaders consulting with local church leadership and helping them to trouble shoot and move their local church forward on mission.  

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