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An Update from Wayfarers' Church

Wayfarers' Grand Opening

Brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you are confident in His steadfast love and are resolved to earnestly follow Him as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This week we were delighted to receive an update from Andy Ardern, who, along with a team of others, is planting Wayfarers’ Church in Spryfield, NS. He sends us an update on their opening Sunday.

I stood at our patio door window, watching the trees in our backyard whip back and forth from the winds of hurricane Lee. I prayed in my head, “Father, I didn’t expect us to get hit this hard. Please may we not lose power. You know it’s our Grand Opening Weekend and I really don’t want to cancel.” I walked back to my desk,working away at the final details of the Grand Opening. As I was printing the bulletins, that’s when our power went out, and I really began to be concerned.

Eighteen hours later, the lobby was beginning to fill with people gathering for our Grand Opening service. The Lord answered our prayers and the building we worship in never lost power, even though it was out in so much of Spryfield. What was a trial, was a blessing in disguise. We opened as a warming centre that day and were able to bless a handful of people who needed food, drink, and power for their cell phones.

Around 100 people were there for the Grand Opening. We had guests from partner churches, but we also had people join us from the community. I’m still following up on the connect cards people filled out that they’d like “to meet together and learn more about Jesus.”  

This last Sunday (Second Sunday) we had 31 in attendance, including new families and non-Christians.

All of this, and so much more, has been possible because of the prayers and partnership with many of the churches of Fellowship Atlantic. Please keep praying for us. We have faith in God’s amazing blessings that will come in the next months and years.

Fellowship Atlantic is so grateful to God for this work that He has begun! May it continue and may many come to Christ through their witness. We also affirm PaxNorth Church for their obedience to the Great Commission and their sacrifice of love as they are the “mother church” for Wayfarers.

Please pass this good report to your people and be praying for Andy and the people of Wayfarers.

Andrew Swanson
President of Fellowship Atlantic

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