Fellowship Atlantic and The BIG 3

Our Mission as Fellowship Atlantic is to "help congregations accomplish the mission Jesus gave his church."   We are about making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, and we serve together to ensure every church has a Kingdom impact.

We are devoted to helping the churches in our Atlantic Region thrive.  Fellowship Atlantic exist to support the work of your local church by focusing on three main goals - what we like to call THE BIG 3... 

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Fellowship Atlantic is committed to helping churches raise up and equip effective leaders, providing resources and opportunities so that they can in turn help others grow.

Developing effective leaders can impact the growth of local church ministries and prepares the next generation of passionate followers of Jesus Christ. These leaders will include the lead pastors, church staff, church planters, missionaries and chaplains of tomorrow who will help take the gospel to our nation and the world. Key tools in this area include intentional internships, leadership conferences and seminars, coaching of new pastors by seasoned pastors, and developing networks for support, encouragement and resourcing.