Leadership Development

The mission of Fellowship Atlantic is helping congregations accomplish the mission Jesus gave His church. When it comes to the ‘HOW’ part, we like to talk about the BIG-3! - Church Health, Church Leadership & Church Planting.

It is hard to overstate the importance of leadership within the church or any other venture for that matter. FA recognizes this fact and that’s why Developing Leaders is one of our BIG-3. The following are some of the ways we seek to see leaders developed within our movement.


Along with the monthly pastoral clusters (which are learning as well as caring times) we have what we call superclusters two times a year (each Spring and Fall) where we bring all the pastors in our region together often inviting them to bring other leaders and potential leaders with them and do full one-day seminars. Recent topics have included church-based education, introduction to sabbaticals, complementarian theology and practice, emergency response training, and stress and burnout prevention.