Super Cluster 2019 - Fall Session

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November 21, 2019

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Super Cluster - Fall Session 2019 is with AGORA Ministries (Allan Gallant) at Crossroads on Thursday, November 21st.  Welcome pastors and wives; please invite ministry leaders, men and women.  This is such an important subject, especially in today's world.  See Registration link below.  Allan Gallant was a pastor in the Atlantic region and in Ontario; he shares from his heart about  how burn-out changed his life.

Allan is booked into Main Street to speak on Sunday AM, Nov 24; he is available to speak that Sunday evening or on other occasions from Thursday to Sunday; if you wish to contact him about this, here is his email:


9:45 -10:00 - Arrival at Crossroads--meet and greet.  Please arrive early so we can start on time.

10:00 - Session # 1 - The Beautiful Strokes of God -- how suffering restored our souls. 

11:00 - Q and A

11:30 - Session # 2 - The Birthing of a Ministry - AGORA Network


12:00 - Lunch, provided on site - gluten free also available

12:45 - Session # 3 - Preventing Burn-out - Recognizing the Symptoms - Creating White Space

1:30 - Session # 4 - Burn-out forum

2:15 - Q & A and Final Thoughts - Allan Gallant

3:00 - Benediction


Allan is also bringing books (for sale) and hand-outs about burn-out.

Here is the Registration link (this will help with providing lunch, pizza): REGISTER HERE


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