Community Care

We all connect in a variety of ways.  Here are a number of ideas to KEEP CONNECTING.  



  • We each have families in our "church circle".  Encourage your congregation to "reach out regularly" to that circle of people they know.  Checking in with each other is the best way to stay connected.
  • Make Seniors and "Shut-ins" a priority.  Check in with those who are at a greater risk to COVID-19.  Make a point to call them fequently to see if they are doing ok and if there’s anything they need in terms of support.



From Maple Ridge Baptist: Set up online forms to collect information both for those in need of care/support AND for those who are able to provide it. Use this information to connect people directly with each other.

From Mountainview Church: Giving your church specific instructions for reaching out to their neighbours and community can be very effective! At Mountainview, they  distributed a roll of toilet paper and a card with information about the church to every church attender, and challenged them to add those to rolls (and other supplies) from their own stash to create “PPP’s” (Pandemic Prepper Packages). They were then encouraged to distribute these packages to the elderly, disabled, and single moms, who have been staying away from toilet paper in the past couple of weeks, out of fear of being trampled.



Every church wants to make sure that those in your congregation are looked after - Galatians 6:10.   However, Scripture encourages us to love our neighbour as ourself - Mark 12:30-31.  Consider how you can extend your reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to care for those around you... 

  • Contact your municipal office and ask if they are aware of any pressing needs. Confirm what will be required for you to help with them.

  • Check in with community services or organizations that you currently are connected with to find out what the most pressing needs are.



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